Vitaly Mitchenko

Vitaly Mitchenko

Kyiv, Ukraine

Calligraphy Artist, assistant professor

Born in Tula, 1947.

In 1969, he graduated from the Saratov Art School.

In 1971/1976, he studied at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts under P.G. Zakharov, A.D. Goncharov, V.N. Lyakhov, E.B. Adamov, M.V. Bolshakov.

In 1976, he lived and worked in Kyiv, Ukraine.

He has been a member of the Ukrainian Union of Artists since 1982.

In 1976/1986, artistic editor at the Dnipro Publishing House.

In 1999/2004, leading artist.

Since 1986, he has been lecturer, senior lecturer, assistant professor at the Kyiv National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

He has been a permanent participant in republican and international book exhibitions (Kyiv, Lvov, Moscow, Minsk, Frankfurt-am-Main).

During his career, he received more than 20 diplomas in All-Union and republican book contests.
In 2004, he got a first-degree diploma at the Georgy Yakutovich Republican Graphic Contest for design, illustrations, and hand-written text of Viy by Nikolai Gogol.

In 2007, his album, The Esthetics of Ukrainian Handwritten Script, was published (in Ukrainian, Kyiv, The Gramota publishers).

“Calligraphy for me is a source of inspiration when I am working on the font design of books. This is a possibility to improvise with the text. Finally, the historical Cyrillic calligraphy is an extensive field for studying the original traces of letters in order to adapt them to the modern design”.