Apollinaria Mishina

Apollinaria Mishina

St. Petersburg, Russia

Calligrapher, graphic artist

Born in Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) in 1987.

2010 ― graduated with honors from the Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts (Saint-Petersburg), Department of Easel Graphics, department chair – O. Yakhnin, Honored Artist of Russia.
Graphic artist, calligrapher.

From 2010 ― member of the Creative Union of Artists of Saint-Petersburg.

2007 ― awarded a 3rd degree diploma at the 3rd International graphic festival in Saint-Petersburg.

2009 ― awarded a 2nd degree diploma in the Book in Moleskin contest, Saint-Petersburg.

2011 ― award in Calligraphy category at the 1st Graphics triennial in Saint-Petersburg.

2011 ― awarded a youth degree Saint Tatiana’s badge of honor for active educational and social work.

Works displayed in collections of: the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow; Irbit State Museum of Visual Art; National Ex-libris and Prints Museum, Saint Nicolas, Belgium; Forum Kultur Youth Graphic Foundation, Wrocław, Poland, and private collections.

“In the modern conditions of globalization it is necessary for a progressive personality to possess knowledge of one’s culture. Calligraphy as a culture of writing and object to study and piece of heritage is the answer to the question about the value of this knowledge. The Russian history of calligraphy and book culture in Russia is unique and amazing. It is also interesting to take the measures to preserve and develop the Great Live Russia Language”.