Muhammad Asghar Mughal

Muhammad Asghar Mughal

Okara, Pakistan

Calligrapher, artist, painter

Mr. M. Asghar Mughal is a world-renowned calligrapher. He got his early education from M.C. High School in Okara and started working as a painter after his schooling finished in 1967. He performed his services as an honorary calligraphy teacher in the same school. Then his love for art took him to two famous commercial painters namely Sabir Hussain and Zahid Hussain.

He is the only artist who started to practice Calligraphy without a brush and succeeded. He introduced the media of color-pouring and gave birth to a new style of multi-dimensional aspects of color in art. No doubt, there was a time when his landscapes decorated the drawing rooms. Now he spends most of his time on Calligraphy. He proved that enthusiasm and devotion could help attain new horizons of pure art. He participated in many exhibitions and was recognized in his country and abroad.

Such newspapers as: “Nawa-e-Waqat”, “Din”, and “Shelter” Faisalabad published special issues, dedicated to his works.

“Calligraphy is a sublime art in which a man expresses his inner feelings of aesthetic sense. Through this art the words are balanced in a specific order, and composition is beautified keeping in view the classical aspects of calligraphy. 
It is a great source of inspiration and expression of spiritual and aesthetic sense in a profound way”.