Valentina Kozhevina

Valentina Kozhevina

Calligrapher, artist, conductor

St. Petersburg, Russia

Valentina Kozhevina was born on April 5 in 1960 at the Ust-Barguzin settlement, situated on the shore of Lake Baikal.
She has a higher education as a conductor and head of her academic choir. 

In 2001 she suddenly started to write in Arabic. She dedicated her art to “sacred iconography”. The best samples of Arabic calligraphy created by the medieval masters are represented in her works: a copy of the medieval Persian painting “Ascension of Muhammad the Prophet” made on a casket displayed in the Halls of Islam at the State Museum of the History of Religion in St. Petersburg; and a copy of “The Dervish Dance”.

“When I write I feel the time flowing through my eyes and hands, and I can see the birth of the age-long wisdom. And I confess I have never heard a more beautiful sound than stringing of a written word”.